Hyperbolic Space online exhibit

- Introduction
- Parallel Postulate
- Poincare Disc Model of Hyperbolic Space
- Physical Models of Hyperbolic Space
- Crochet Models
- Shape of the Universe

Additional institute resources
- Gallery of Crochet Hyperbolic Models
- Build Your Own Hyperbolic Plane
- Interview with crocheting mathematicians
- Photos from the Kitchen/Cabinet Event
- Photos from the Machine Project Exhibit

Press and other resources
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Build Your Own Hyperbolic Plane

The hyperbolic plane can be modeled in a variety of ways, each construction revealing different qualities of this surface. In the hyperbolic soccer ball model the (five sided) pentagons of the classic soccer ball are replaced by (seven sided) heptagons forcing the creation of a surface that curves out rather than in.
Download a pdf* to create a hyperbolic soccer ball

In the polyhedral annular model, thin strips are taped together, fanning out from a central point to reveal the exponential expansion of hyperbolic space.

Download pdf* of Polyhedral Annular Model

[ See the online exhibit: Hyperbolic Space ]

*pdf download requires Adobe Reader or Apple Preview