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The Business Card Menger Sponge
Poised between dimensions, the Menger Sponge fractal hovers on the boundary of being and nothingness. Dr Jeannine Mosely has built one from business cards - a unique fusion of discreet mathematics and office stationary.

Mathematics of Paper Folding
What can one do with a piece of paper? Mathematicians have begun to explore the formal potentialities of the folded square, giving rise to the new field of computational origami.

Inventing Kindergarten
Inspired by the science of crystallography,the nineteenth century kindergarten system of education laid the foundations for the development of modern art, architecture and design.

Hyperbolic Space
For thousands of years mathematicians believed there were just 2 types of geometry, the plane and the sphere. But another more aberrant structure lurks beneath the surface of Euclid's laws - one that has been illuminated through the art of crochet.

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The Business Card Menger Sponge