Solidarity + Scientific American

“After the revolution, who’s going to pick up the garbage?” There’s one more week to go of the IFF’s exhibition Crochet Coral Reef: TOXIC SEAS at the Museum of Arts and Design, NYC, (on until Jan 22, 2017). Also ending soon is the major retrospective of Mierle Laderman Ukeles “maintenance art” show at the Queens Museum. Reef creators Christine and Margaret Wertheim are honored to have shared the Manhattan stage with this pioneering feminist artist. Pictured below, Coral Forest – Stheno stands in solidarity with maintenance art practitioners and working women everywhere.

And here in Scientific American Margaret muses on new ways of expanding science communication and the Crochet Coral Reef as a powerful tool for using art+craft to move beyond the fear-factor of climate change. With 2016 the third-in-a-row, hottest-year-on-record, the Crochet Reef’s constructive, community-based approach to this topic is more salient than ever.

See here: IFF exhibition webpage and photo-gallery.

Crochet Coral Forest, at the Museum of Arts and Design, NY, 2016/2017. Photo by Jenna Bascon, courtesy MAD.

Crochet Coral Forest – Stheno by Margaret and Christine Wertheim, at the Museum of Arts and Design, NY. Collection of Jorian Polis Schutz. Photo by Jenna Bascom, courtesy of MAD.