making space – exhibition opens December 15

On Saturday, December 15, the Institute’s new exhibition, making space, opens its doors. We’re launching the show with an afternoon workshop making origami fractals (4-7pm), followed by a champagne reception (7-9pm).

Space has become a central issue of our time. Astronomers are exploring the far reaches of outer space, probing the birth of our universe. Physicists propose that we live in a 10 or 11-dimensional hyperspace and mathematicians are discovering new kinds of geometric and algebraic spaces. Meanwhile GPS systems help us to navigate urban space, Google Maps allow us to explore geographical space, and spatial representations of data have become critical in fields as diverse as pharmaceutical research and weather prediction. Such tools change the way we understand our world and lead to new ways of solving problems. making space proposes an exploration of what we mean by “space” in its many diverse manifestations historically and today.

At the heart of making space is a six-month long experiment in hands-on mathematics, during which Institute visitors will be invited to build geometric sculptures out of 60,000 specially-designed business cards. Beginning with techniques developed by engineer Dr. Jeannine Mosely, the IFF and its audience will experience the ‘play-tank’ aspect of the IFF, by collectively bringing into being a new kind of mathematical art object.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a series of lectures, workshops and conversations with mathematicians, scientists and artists. Stay tuned for upcoming schedule of events.