Holiday Hiatus

Christmas-inspired “snowflake” folded from 450 business cards.

The Institute is on holiday hiatus from December 23, 2012, to January 2, 2013. We will resume regular hours on January 3. 

Beginning January 5, 2013, the IFF will be holding regular workshops most Saturdays from 2pm – 6pm as part of our making space exhibition. In mid-January we’ll also start construction on one of Dr. Jeannine Mosely’s amazing Tower Module fractal sculptures using 8,000 of our gorgeous new paisley business cards. We invite you to be part of this experiment in participatory mathemathatical art.

Pictured above from our inaugural workshop: A large-scale Christmas-inflected box-origami snowflake whose construction was guided by IFF visitor Corrine Cascioppo. This was Corrine’s first visit to the IFF; she’d come up from Temecula to learn business-card folding techniques and has now embarked on a model of a mathematical knot.

Breaking News: The exhibition of Dr. Mosely’s giant origami fractal at USC’s Doheny Memorial Library has been extended to the end of January 2013. We encourage you to see this amazing object folded out of 50,000 cards.

Our 2013 schedule of workshops, lectures and conversations by mathematicians, artists and others will be announced soon.