Crochet Reef in The Huffington Post

Margaret enjoying the Fohr Reef, constructed at the Museum Kunst der Westkuste, Germany (2012).

The IFF’s Crochet Coral Reef project is featured this week in an elegant piece in the Huffington Post by artist Hilary Harkness. Reflecting on the role that fiber art is playing in the realm of public art, Harkness delivers an insightful meditation on the interplay between mathematics, science, art, craft and feminism. The Crochet Reef is hailed as “one of the most beloved ongoing community art projects of all time.” “These yarn sculptures are brought together to make entire reefs in various states of health or decay, engaging the public in the science of the ecological crisis caused by global warming.”

The IFF thanks our nearly 7000 contributors around the world who have participated in the Crochet Reef project. Your collective skills and talents have made this a truly unique work of art. We extend our regards especially to the 700 women of Germany, Holland, and Denmark who, in 2012, made the magnificent Fohr Reef at the Museum Kunst der Westkuste. The Fohr Reef will continue to travel throughout 2013.

We extend our admiration also to artist Janet Echelman, whose TED Talk  about her large-scale netted sculptures inspired Harkness to write.

Watch Margaret’s TED Talk about the Crochet Coral Reef.