Crochet Coral Reef – The Book

CCR Cover-med resThe IFF’s long-awaited book on our Crochet Coral Reef project is finished and on its way from the printer. Edited by Reef creators Margaret and Christine Wertheim and documenting one of the largest community art+science projects in the world – with 8000 active participants around the globe – the book includes chapters on the mathematics and environmental science behind the project, detailing its foundations in non-Euclidean geometry and as a collective artistic response to global warming. Essays are also devoted to the project in relationship to the history of women’s work, the ethics of social practice art and the theory of evolution, along with an outrageously funny Forward by science studies scholar Donna Haraway. Illustrated with 100 pages of gorgeous color photos, this comprehensive volume serves as a testimony to the collective genius of the thousands of people from New York and London to Latvia and Croatia who have participated in building an enchanted archipelago of more than 30 crochet reefs in a dozen countries over the past 9 years. All 7000+ participants are listed in a specially designed section. The books will be arriving at the IFF in early February and we’ll be sending out copies then to all those who contributed to our Kickstarter campaign. To pre-order a copy of this lavish, limited edition print-run see here.

Essays by Margaret Wertheim, Christine Wertheim, Anna Mayer, Leslie Dick, Marion Endt-Jones and Forward by Donna Haraway.