Crochet Coral Reef: The Book – Kickstarter


Eight years, five continents, and over 7000 contributors in the making, the IFF’s Crochet Coral Reef project is ready for a book. Now at last we’ll have the science, math and environmental concepts inherent in the project available in one place, plus lots of  beautiful photos of the many exhibitions.FLASH NEWS: The book will celebrate ALL the people who have been involved in this collective aesthetic experiment. All 7000+ contributors to all the Crochet Reefs worldwide will be named in a beautifully designed section that will be an artwork in itself

In order to fund production, we are pre-selling copies via Kickstarter. Your contribution of $45 or more assures you a signed, numbered, first edition. If you love handicraft, care about the environment, or are passionate about the intersection of art and science, THIS IS A BOOK FOR YOU. A paradigmatic example of STEM to STEAM in action! Support our Kickstarter and ensure your copy now:

Crochet Coral Reef: Kickstarter

The images above resemble marine diatoms, yet they are crochet doilie patterns culled from old pattern books by Reef contributor Sarah Simons. A spread of these beauties will be featured in the book.