Closing Reception for Making Space on July 6


Business card origami and stick thing model by David Orozco. Photo by Christina Simons.

Please join us on July 6 for the closing celebration of making space as the Institute for Figuring revisits its six-month-long exercise in applied mathematics and participatory aesthetic practice. Witness our growing taxonomy, share in business card origami techniques and enjoy the premier of our collaborative stop-motion animation film The Inner Life of a Cube.

Beginning in December 2012, the Institute for Figuring has invited visitors to contribute to an ongoing ecology of spatial forms and geometric sculptures. Through a series of lectures, workshops and conversations with mathematicians, scientists and artists, we have woven our way through a playful and pedagogically rich exploration in hands-on mathematics. Our ‘play tank’ has experimented with beads, paper strips, bamboo sticks, weaving, folding, taping and – most notably – over 60,000 specially designed business cards. Beginning with modular origami and fractal building techniques developed by engineer Jeannine Mosely, the IFF and its audience has since taken up business card origami, pleated paraboloids, hyperbolic annuli, polyhedral beading, and bamboo platonic solids all while asking the question, what else might be possible?

Please Join Us:
Saturday, July 6
5:00 – 8:00pm
@ the IFF