Art + Science – LA Happenings

It’s been a busy time in Los Angeles for those interested in the nexus of art & science. In June, the second iteration of KNOWLEDGES the acclaimed art & astronomy happening curated by Christina Ondrus took place at the Mount Wilson Observatory, famed location of Edwin Hubble’s discovery that our universe is expanding. Later in the month, ICA-LA hosted an evening of LA-based VR artistry while the Fathomers – an offshoot of the innovative Grand Arts experiment in Kansas City – threw an art & science lunch to celebrate their collaboration with mycelium-artist-engineer Phil Ross, an old IFF friend. This weekend the Pasadena Arts Council and Art Center College of Design – site of two IFF exhibitions – are hosting Free Radicals: Evolving Perspectives on the Convergence of Art and Science, an interdisciplinary conference of theorists, practitioners, writers and performers working at the art/science interface. IFF director Margaret Wertheim gave a talk about concepts of space at KNOWLEDGES and will be presenting the Free Radicals keynote.