Topology + Geometry

Jan 19 Sat
3:00pm - 6:00pm @ The IFF

Students at the IFF’s “Making Space”workshop at the Hayward Gallery’s Wide Open Studio, with their hyperbolic boa. [From a pattern by Keith Henderson.]

Ever wondered what’s the difference between geometry and topology? In this workshop we’ll explore these two great areas of mathematics by doing nifty things with paper, scissors and glue. Why, from a topologists point of view, is a coffee cup the same as a donut? What’s the difference between a Euclidean and non-Euclidean space? Why does a hole in a surface make such a fundamental difference? Join us for an afternoon of mathematical play, as IFF director, Margaret Wertheim, takes us through the foundations of how mathematicians think about spatial structures. The class will collectively construct a hyperbolic boa and the event will end with an explanation of why men and women have different a topological genus.

All material supplied. Event Free.