Stratford Festival – Challenges of Science

Jul 23 Sat
Public Discussion



On Saturday July 23 at the celebrated Stratford Festival in Canada, IFF director Margaret Wertheim will part of a discussion on “The Challenges of Science”. The event is part of the CBC’s Ideas at Stratford series and will be broadcast on the CBC radio program Big Ideas.

About the event:
“Science has given us great gifts, but the social consequences are less clear. We live longer and better, and we know more about ourselves, our world and the cosmos – but to what end? Massey lecturer Neil Turok, Director of Perimeter Institute, discusses the future of scientific research with Mark Kingwell, philosopher and social theorist at the University of Toronto, and Margaret Wertheim, author of a series of books that consider the role of theoretical physics in the cultural landscape of modern Western society.

Event time: July 23, 10:30am-12noon
Place: Studio Theatre, Stratford, Ontario, Canada
Stratford Festival website