Snowflake Sponge Tower

Jan 12 Sat
3:00 - 6:00pm @ The IFF

Tower Modules of the Mosely Snowflake Fractal at USC’s Doheny Memorial Library. Photo by Paula Goldman.

Join us on Saturday January 12 at the IFF for a workshop to begin building a giant Tower Module Fractal out of 8000  business cards. Developed by Dr. Jeannine Mosely, these gorgeous fractal structures were first explored in the IFF’s curatorial project at the the USC Libraries during 2012. At USC, hundreds of students joined in to construct a fractal known as the Mosely Snowflake Sponge out of 49,000 business cards. This fractal itself is composed of 6 human-scale Towers, each a mathematical marvel in its own right. At the IFF, we’re going to construct one of the amazing forms using 8000 of our beautiful new orange psychedelic business cards. Building will continue in a series of events over the coming months culminating in April with a weekend-long construction party led by Dr. Mosely. Come learn about fractal geometry and be part of this unique participatory art+math project by joining our core Tower Team. All Tower constructers will be acknowledged on exhibition credits in the IFF gallery and website, and in a forthcoming book.

The Mosely Snowflake Sponge is on display at USC’s Doheny Memorial Library until January 30, 2013.