Plastic Bag Critter Crochet+Construction

Jul 20 Sat
2:00pm - 6:00pm @ The IFF
Plastic bag crochet.

Plastic bag crochet.

Join the IFF’s visiting Science and Art ResidentChristine Wertheim – for a workshop of plastic-bag crochet and an afternoon making fantastical organisms out of discarded plastic geep-gaws. Bring your own plastic bags if you have a stash at home – especially dry cleaning bags – and recycle them into an evolutionary art-work. Crochet hooks will be provided – along with plenty of plastic bags in a variety of splendid colors. The workshop is held in conjunction with Christine’s on-site Residency at the IFF, during which she is creating a landscape of large-scale organic sculptures inspired by the Silurian Age that reflect on the evolution of life on earth and emergence of form in the natural world.

We invite you to bring in your favorite plastic rubbish – particularly discarded airline earphones and headsets.

CW-plastic bags

Rolls of brightly colored plastic bags to be turned into “plarn”.

The IFF’s 2013  Science and Art Residency extends the Institute’s interest in hands-on practices inspired by scientific themes by hosting thinker-makers who work at the boundary of the theoretical and material. During summer and fall, our two residents – Christine Wertheim and Jake Dotson – will take over the Institute to use it as a studio laboratory and space for public engagement. This year’s theme Being Formed, focuses around the question of how form arises in the natural world, a subject that has inspired philosophers and scientists from Aristotle and Kant to Darwin and Einstein.