‘patacritical Interrogation Techniques

Feb 01 Fri
Book Launch
8:00pm-10:pm @ The IFF



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Join us for an evening of entertainment to celebrate the new anthology ‘patacritical Interrogation Techniques Vol. 3 edited by LA’s own beloved art critic Doug Harvey. Held to coincide with the Printed Matter LA Art Book Fair, the night will feature performances, screenings and readings by Christine Wertheim, steve roden, Brian Tucker, Sheridan Lowrey, Christian Cummings, Colin Sackett, and Margaret Wertheim. Plus a rare screening of the hippy-era interpretive dance film depiction of Protein Synthesis from Stanford University.
Event Free, donations welcome, refreshments will be served!


‘patacritical Interrogation Techniques – the book – includes writing by Craig Baldwin, Peter Blegvad, Christine Wertheim, steve roden, Jerome Rothenberg, John Higham, David Cameron, Jerome McGann, Richard Shaver, Clayton Eshleman, Peter Frank, Doug Harvey, Sheridan Lowrey, Colin Sackett, Edward Lear, and more.

At the IFF we’ll celebrate with a diverse grab-bag of intellectual amusements:

– ‘patacritical scholar Christine Wertheim will render a brief introduction to the world of Jean-Pierre Brisset, who believed that man was descended from frog.

– Artist/musician steve roden will premier his new new short film “you, like a bridge you, like a monorail.”

– Independent researcher Brian Tucker will present a brief overview of the life and work of Richard Shaver, discoverer of prehistoric holographic “Rock Books”

– UK bookmaker Colin Sackett’s subliminal Powerpoint poem “aboutenminutes” will be screened.

– Maverick art historian Sheridan Lowrey will share her Duchampian insights regarding The Museum of Jurassic Technology

– Artist Christian Cummings, known for his Spectral Psychography , will contribute an as yet undisclosed musical performance, which may or may not be translated to or from the Esparanto.

-IFF Director Margaret Wertheim will discuss outsider physicist James Carter, including a demonstration of his smoke ring generator made from a garbage cans and disco fog machine.