Crochet Coral Reef – Exhibition Opening Abu Dhabi

Sep 28 Sun
7:00 - 9:00 pm @ NYU Abu Dhabi Institute - UAE

Sunday, September 28, the IFF’s latest Crochet Coral Reef exhibition opens at the NYU Abu Dhabi Institute in the United Arab Emirates. Two years in the making, the exhibition centers around the IFF’s new Crochet Coral Forest – a collection of six large, ‘snakey-armed sculptures’ crocheted from yarn and plastic thread. Included also is an expanded collection of our miniature coral Pod Worlds, each a tiny fantastical landscape featuring works by some of the IFF’s most skilled crafters.

The exhibition also debuts the NYU Abu Dhabi Satellite Reef, the newest addition to the wooly archipelago of crochet reefs worldwide.

Exhibition dates: September 29 – December 4 @ NYUAD Institute, Sadiyatt Island, Abu Dhabi. [More information coming soon]

"Medusa" - from the "Crochet Coral Forest" series by the Institute For Figuring, 2014.

“Medusa” – from the “Crochet Coral Forest” series by the Institute For Figuring, 2014. Photo by Christina Simons © IFF Archive