Business Card Origami

Dec 22 Sat
2:00pm - 6:00pm @ The IFF

David Orozco with one of his newly discovered business card origami forms Orozco Box Fractal.

On Saturday December 22, as part of the IFF’s making space exhibition, we’ll continue to make business card origami structures. Come and be part of this ongoing exercise in experimental mathematics and aesthetics.

Last week we were delighted to witness the invention of several new forms, including a wondrous kind of geometric tower designed by David Orozco. Over the coming months David will be extending this to who knows how high. We fantasize about a grove of these.

We invite you to come and design your own fractal-like forms and contribute to our evolving landscape of geometric forms. All materials are supplied during the workshop. No experience required: Novices and experienced origamists equally welcome.

Event Free.