Business Card Origami Animation I

Jun 01 Sat
3:00-6:00pm @ the IFF


Join us for an experiment in mathematical film making. After months of playing with business cards and watching the evolution of gorgeous and unexpected structures emerging from the imagination and skill of our community, we have decided to embark on an experiment. We’re going to make an animation called The Inner Life of Cubes. We request your assistance with the realization of this project.

As fans of animation, we at the IFF have long been interested in the inner life of objects. In this open-ended exploration we aim to discover how cubes can dance. Using business card origami cubes as our basic pixel, we aim to create a short animated film. Inspired by the pioneering work of Dr Jeannine Mosely, creator of the new field of business card origami, we are adding to this novel art form the dimension of time. We need people to fold cubes and make artistic suggestions. This will be a collaborative effort and all folders will be credited on the resulting film.

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8 Origami Octahedra form by Jacob Dotson.