Business Card Origami

Dec 15 Sat
Workshop + Celebration
4:00pm - 7:00pm @ The IFF

The Institute’s new exhibition, making space, is having its “soft opening” on Saturday. We’ll be celebrating with a fractal origami workshop (4-7pm), followed by a champagne reception (7-9pm).

Making space, a wide-ranging exploration of mathematical, scientific and artistic conceptions of space, includes a six-month long experiment in hands-on mathematics during which Institute visitors are invited to build geometric sculptures out of 60,000 specially designed business cards.

Come and learn how to make fractals out of business cards and design your own additions to our on-going business card sculptural landscape. The workshop is based on techniques developed by engineer Dr. Jeannine Mosely, creator of the Business Card Fractal Sponge and the Mosely Snowflake Sponge, a giant origami fractal currently on display at the USC Doheny Library.

No experience required. All materials will be provided at the workshop.

Admission Free.