Best Australian Science Writing 2016

Nov 30 Wed
Book Publication
@ Australia

IFF Director Margaret Wertheim’s essay “I Feel Therefore I Am” is included in Best Australian Science Writing 2016. Wertheim’s essay, originally published in Aeon, the acclaimed international online journal of ideas, traces the history of how consciousness came to be conceived as a scientific problem. Tracing the roots of scientific thinking about thinking back to Descartes and Gallieo, the essay embeds the topic of consciousness into a wider story about science’s claims to comprehensively explain the nature of the real.

Best Australian Science Writing 2016, is edited by Jo Chandler, and includes essays by (among others) Biana Nogrady, Leah Kaminsky, Michael Slezak, Elizabeth Finkel, Wilson da Silva, Ashley Hay, and Nobel laureate Peter O’Doherty.

Copies may be purchased  here from New South Press: